So landing a job is that easy? Mind Blown! by Crow New Media Inc. (Delaware & Istanbul)

The Team

Learners, wanderers, problem solvers, changers who try to fix the systems that fail.

Ibrahim Kabadayi
Managing Founder & CMO
– A digitally specialised marketing expert, managed more than 20 global brands digital media planning and buying in Turkey.
Suha Boncukcu
Managing Founder & CEO & CTO
– Our code poem. He is the one that disrupted scrumm and agile. He analyzes the world and creates solutions for anything.
– After his co-coding successful startup Erasmus Inn, Suha is on the roll. He has deployed the full framework.

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After living the story you can find below, we are just focusing on remote outsource recruiting with limitless experienced HR Experts.

ProInterview is your timeless and placeless HR department. has evolved into a full recruitment process outsourcing service, powered by crowdsourcing and marketplace model.

We will update the value propositions below but you can find our not so old history here;

ProInterview is a science-backed job interview readiness preparation platform for job seekers where they can have a job interview simulation with human resource professionals using latest online video technologies. – Connect with an HR Expert.

Practice makes perfect.

(reference explanation: Uber of Human Resources Consultancy)

Short desc: Make video calls with real HR experts online. (for companies and job seekers)
Long desc: ProInterview is an online video consultancy marketplace where people in need of career consultancy meet human resources professionals.

Features: Integrated payment options, scheduling, webrtc technologies, CakePHP



Consultancy Seekers – Start job seeking with (incredibly dangerous) power today.

  • Individuals
    • Career Planning / Changing
    • Job Seeking
    • CV Improvement and Targeting
    • Job Interview Simulations
  • Companies
    • Team Building
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Employee Engagement
  • Universities
    • Outsource Career Center

Consultancy Providers – Expand your services, work from anywhere anytime.

  • Freelance Human Resources Professionals
  • HR Consultancy Firms
  • Sectoral Mentors & Influencers


What we do: ProInterview enables job and talent seekers to consult top performing human resources professionals to solve their problems. We connect human resources professionals with individuals and companies to achieve their career or recruitment goals.

Why it’s a big deal: ProInterview eliminates the need for job seekers wasting their time on the platforms how to find and apply to their dream job, how to make their CV perfect. They can make job interview practices online with experts on their fields and get a human resources scoring report. Also the remarkable job seekers would be listed so that they can even find a better job without even applying.

Find and get in contact with human resources experts in seconds.
Get an online video consultation.
Get in the talent pool and a get a ProInterview scoring
One of the biggest industries which lacks a marketplace like this.


The Story

We all had job interviews, most of us remember very first one. We were anxious about it, we were not feeling ready, we were expecting tricky questions, we did not know how to behave, too comfy or too excited.

After all we did not know why we got rejected.

Till now!


Candidates, new grads, people who don’t know how to ask a raise or even seniors who are planning to change their career have a chance, ProInterview.

It is an online consultancy platform of experienced Human Resources Experts, where they can meet people who need consultancy.

Developers, designers, marketers are working mobile, they can be nomads, they can travel with their laptops and freelance while travelling, this opportunity was not so open for the human resource experts till now.

They can work from anywhere, anytime.

Contact us to get the whole details.

How did it start, how did we develop,  how are we marketing, growth hacking?
Why investors are so much interested in?

We think that a good reporter creates the story, that reporter does not need a ready written script to press, hopefully you are the one. If you are that reporter send an email to us and you can enter to our kitchen where we keep a daily diary of everything we do to be expanded with details later.

What is ProInterview?

ProInterview is a science-backed job interview readiness preparation platform for job seekers where they can have a job interview simulation with human resource professionals using latest online video technologies.

How does the system work?

Human Resources professionals join, pick their schedule and price.

Job seekers, career consultancy seekers, pick a time to ProInterview, choose their ProInterviewers, post their job application or inquiry. They make the payment which will be held on a secure system till the end of interview.

When the both sides accept, they have an online interview. At the end of interview, ProInterviewer gives advises and feedback to the candidate.

A detailed report with scoring  and the recording of the video is send to the candidate.

When the candidate confirms the transaction, money is sent to ProInterviewer.

Is it different then a real Job Interview?

No, and it is scientifically proven, online job interview simulations are as real as conventional ones.

Why ProInterview?

Millions of people are dealing with the job interview anxiety and most of them miss their chances to become employed in this huge competition not because of their lacking skills, because they were not ready for the questions which would be asked or how they should act.

Practice makes perfect, candidates will gain insights about the trickiest questions and how to answer them by professional feedbacks by ProInterviewers.

Who is a ProInterviewer?

ProInterviewer is a human resources professional who have recruited more than hundreds of people and sharing his/her experiences and secrets of recruitment with the ProCandidates.

Who is a ProCandidate?

A ProCandidate is a successful prospective employee, who knows what he/she is doing by getting every advantage to get the job they want, who gets really prepared for the upcoming job interview. Remember there is huge competition out there.
It may be your first job interview, you may be changing your career, you may be thinking it is time for a higher position application, you may be getting an abroad job interview which you don’t feel ready.
ProInterviewers are here to help you.

More Details

ProInterview offers an exclusive opportunity for job seekers who don’t feel ready for the interview they will have.

By putting them in a live online simulation of the job interview they will get, with face to face human resource experts.

After the interview human resource experts gives a full detailed feedback to the applicant, how to improve his talking skills, how to answer the trick questions.

Also the applicant gets the full video of the interview, so that he can watch and improve himself.

Communication Messages for The Candidates

The world’s first prejob interview solution that gives you a huge advantage at your upcoming job interview.

Are you ready for your first job interview?

ProInterview is an online video prejob interview by human resource experts, ProInterviewers.

Have a job interview practice with a human resource professional online!

What makes a person successful?
Practice, practice, practice

You have spent your whole life with education to get this job.

After spending this much time and Money to study to get a job, what is your strategy to get your dream job?

You need every kind of advantage you can have.
Become a ProCandidate

Exclusive for Candidates

You will get a quick online feedback at the end of the interview.
Were you too comfortable, were you too shy, were you anxious, what can you do to improve your success chance.

You will get a full detailed ProInterview report from the human resource professional, who have recruited hundreds of people before and you will have a chance to get your score to a higher level.
You can finally understand what they are really scoring and rocket them easily.

You will get the recording of the ProInterview video, so that you can also work on the things you may notice, believe us you won’t believe that you are the person in that video. It will also help you understanding yourself with an outer view.

If you want, you will be listed as a ProCandidate on our head hunters network so that you may also have a chance to even land on a better job than you were applying.

You can download our high resolution logos by clicking them and saving. If you need higher just send us an email or fill in the contact form.prointerview_flat_black_logo_horizontal

About Us

We love what we do,
We do what we do to make you and us happy.

We don’t believe in business, we believe in people.
We don’t work, we live, we solve problems, we change systems.

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