We are looking for freelance “Human Resources Professionals” to join the next generation consultancy platform ProInterview.net to become ProInterviewers.

ProInterview.net is an online real time video human resources consultancy platform where you pick your hourly rates for consultancy sessions.

Job description.

  • You’ll be focusing on new graduates who are not ready for their upcoming job interviews by making real time online job interview simulations with them.
  • At the interviews you are expected to ask the trickiest and hardest questions so that they can feel more comfortable and ready for their real interview.
  • Just after the interviews you will be giving feedbacks how they should answer the questions and will be filling an HR scoring card.

How to Join?

  • Sign-in with your linkedin account, fill in your hourly average consultancy rate ($), send for approval.
  • Be the first in line to get most out of a fastly growing human resources marketplace.


Which kind of consultancy needs are expected?

Interview Inquiry Examples (Online video consultancy)

  • New graduates (Job interview simulations)
  • New graduates (Career consultancy sessions)
  • General career consultancy sessions (asking for a raise, career change)
  • Outsourcing team building

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